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Relaxation + Knowledge = Power

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Congratulations, you’re pregnant! This may be your first baby or your fifth. You may have conceived easily or without intention or this could be a rainbow baby you’ve been waiting for.

Those lines appear on the test result and you start planning your life with this baby. Where will they sleep? Which buggy should you buy? Will you go back to work after 6 months or take a whole year off?

Suddenly you’re faced with a million choices, and amongst those choices you may start to consider the birth. Go with the flow? Home or hospital? Who will support me? Epidural or gas and air? Perhaps amongst these choices you’re getting a lot of input. Have you watched too many dramatised births on TV? Did you hear a story from a friend which made you cross your legs in fear? Somebody told you that they had to have an induction but they’re not sure why. People keep banging on about hypnobirthing but you don't understand what it is?

So here I am…ready to help you say goodbye to that fear and understand your birthing body. To step into your power as a birthing woman or person and take control of your birth. To tap into that instinctive part of your brain and quieten the noisy part. To relax deeply and fully, enjoying your pregnancy and birth and heading into this incredible journey with an uplifting positive birth experience. I’m here to guide you through understanding your rights as a birthing person and how to navigate the twists and turns of your journey to parenthood.

I qualified to teach Hypnobirthing in August 2019, and since then have supported many families. The workshops I run are designed to be fun, informative and an opportunity for you to feel totally calm and empowered. 

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Who am I?

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Holly Phethean-Hubble

Owner & Founder

I'm Holly, and this is Holly Hub. I've been working with expectant families for over 4 years now and love supporting them on thier journey to parenthood. My favourite things to discuss are birth plans and I love teaching Pregnancy Relaxation. I am a mother of three and a fan of 2000's pop-punk/emo/ska music, I love Lord of the Rings and I'm more comfy in trainers than heels.

Pregnancy Relaxation

Join Holly for a weekly session where you will learn about birth, breathing techniques and take part in a guided relaxation. Treat yourself to some well deserved time out to focus on your baby and your body.

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