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My story

In 2015 following the birth of my first child I suffered with PTSD due to birth trauma. I felt like I was out of control during the birth and the events happened TO me, without my say and without my understanding.
Two years later when I found myself pregnant again, I began to panic about the prospect of giving birth once again.
I decided this time around I would educate myself and with the help of a local doula and birth educator, myself and my birth partner went into the birth feeling confident and prepared.
My experiences were worlds apart, not just because of the events of the birth but because of how I navigated the twists and turns and how I felt about all the events occurring. I was an active participant in the labour and my hopes, thoughts, opinions and preferences all mattered.
What I'd learnt about the human body, hormones, my rights in childbirth and how to facilitate the right environment, all helped towards me achieving a positive experience. I decided at this point in my life (after years of wanting to pursue midwifery) that I wanted to support other people to achieve a positive birth experience, however that looked for them. 
I have been facilitating hypnobirthing workshops since 2019 and I joined The Little Birth Company in 2020. Since then I have taught many couples online and in person, and have recently added a weekly pregnancy relaxation class to my offerings. 
Get in touch if you would like to find out more about how I can support you and your partner/s to prepare for birth.

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