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So you’ve heard about Hypnobirthing, but what’s it all about?

IN SHORT, it is a set of tools used during labour and birth.

ANY BIRTH can benefit from the techniques of hypnobirthing. Abdominal birth (C-section), home birth, water birth, consultant led hospital birth, epidurals, inductions, instrumental, vaginal birth, VBAC…I mean it when I say ANY and ALL BIRTHS.

Hypnobirthing is not limited to one type of birth – nor does it stop working if plans change during labour. It’s about maintaining space and making informed decisions, however your labour progresses.

It also teaches the physiology of birth, the role of hormones, how mammals birth and how they can inspire us.

So what does the HYPNO bit mean???

Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention.

Everyone has experienced a state of trance, or feeling zoned out – we may not call it hypnosis, you might call it feeling zoned out or ‘on another planet’. When you are absorbed in an activity you might fail to notice what is going on around you – reading a book, driving or on the bus to work, listening to music, having sex.

Hypnosis isn’t something that someone does TO YOU. Do not expect to be greeted by swinging pendulums or chants of ‘look into my eyes’ on my workshop.

We ALL access this hypnotic state several times a day and whilst in this hypnotic state, our subconscious mind is more open.

The subconscious stores all the messages we’ve received in life. Everything you’ve seen and heard and read, and thought about childbirth is stored inside here.

Unchallenged, unfiltered, dramatic films and highly edited documentaries about birth. Every birth story you’ve been told, often these can be scary and negative stories.

How can Holly Hub - Birth Services help with this?!

During workshops we practice deep relaxation which leads you into the hypnotic state. We then work on replacing those messages and stories about childbirth with super positive ones - over time this will then become the normal .

So when you go into labour your brain will scan your subconscious mind and find all this wonderful information about birth being safe and awesome and you will have FULL TRUST in your own body, therefore allowing it to work instinctively.

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