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Why join a weekly Pregnancy Relaxation class?

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

I've had three pregnancies which I carried to term

, and during each of those I prioritised myself very differently.

First time around I was getting home from work early, napping, taking a long relaxing bath, having restful weekends and prioritising myself 100%.

Second time around, with a 2 year old toddler in tow, my pregnancy looked very different. Afternoon naps were a distant memory (for him and me!), restful weekends were full of playdates, trips to the park and trying (and failing) to keep the house clean and tidy.

Third time around and I knew I'd need to carve out time, specifically prioritise it for ME. I couldn't expect this to happen without intention, so I joined a weekly group focussed on relaxation and education.

For that hour session I was blissfully transported to a space where I could just be me, focusing on my body, my breathing, and my new baby. Where I could quieten down the chatter in my mind (and my ears!) and focus on planning my life with three children.

Without making that intention I would have never spent that hour a week relaxing, which in turn gave me some valuable tools to use during labour to stay calm. for more info about my weekly relaxation classes. These are rooted in #hypnobirthing principles and the content I use was beautifully created by

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